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Roadmap to Decarbonization

What is a Steam Trap Survey and Why is the Survey an Integral Part of a Comprehensive Trap Management Program?

Proactive steam trap management is one of the most important steps to help you reduce steam loss, cut energy costs and meet your net-zero goals.
EWC Steam Trap Diagram/Benefits
The benefits of a trap management program:

Conducting frequent surveys, replacing traps as needed and addressing the root cause of any failures, a trap management program helps your facility significantly reduce failure rates and create a roadmap to decarbonization.
  • Evaluation of steam trap performance, such as proper functioning, leaking, plugged, cold, etc.
  • Diagnosis of the root cause of any trap failures.
  • Visual assessment of valve status and condition.
  • Identification of any steam system issues around traps, such as: insulation defects, water hammer, condensate return, piping issues, back pressure, stall conditions.
  • Detailed report and recommendations for trap replacements and system optimizations.
EWC Steam Trap Breakage

Waste is caused by leaking, failed, and mis-applied steam traps.

Accurate, consistent surveys help prevent serious issues such as: water hammer, elevated energy waste and fuel consumption, frozen lines, production stoppages and unscheduled downtime, as well as increased equipment maintenance, repair, and associated hours. Energy audits of your thermal utility system to detect failed traps, determine the cause of any failures, and find ways to reduce your energy consumption.

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